Spy Drones

No way to cover this up, no way to deny, draw your own conclusions. Homeland Security spy drones are flying above each one of us, recording every mouse click and key stroke, converting voice to text, infrared night vision, getting thermal heat signatures, and flagging each one of us for something or another. Get use to it or do something. People who take the Oath to the US Constitution seriously have to stop this Big Grother nonsense NOW! Google it, and you’ll see why we are on a slippery slope to totalitarianism when everyone is suspect until proven otherwise.

FAA investigating corporate jet pilot’s report of object over Denver

By Michael Martinez, CNN
updated 4:02 PM EDT, Wed May 16, 2012
The pilot made a radio transmission to air traffic control about the object, KUSA reported, citing LiveATC.net.“A remote-controlled aircraft, or what, but something just went by the other way. … About 20 to 30 seconds ago, and it was like a large remote-controlled aircraft,” the pilot said.

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