Syria rebel chief urges Annan to declare peace plan over

EIRUT (Reuters) – Syria’s main rebel commander urged Kofi Annan on Thursday to announce that his peace plan has failed and free insurgents from any commitment to a truce deal, which the United States said may collapse and trigger a wider Middle East crisis

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Lets not candy coat this. Crisis is opportunity for the USA these days. Global Takeover in Full Effect. Create a crisis and offer the ‘only solution’ which benefits the Israel-US-New World Order brotherhood. Rebel factions are paid and armed by Western Allies. Read this carefully and you see that Kofi and Syria are working for peace while the insurgents are trying to destabilize the whole darn neck of the woods. The only question remains is/was, will the world do about the massacre committed by the so-called FSA (Free Syrian Army / aka Al Qaeda, the same people killing American Soldiers) or by the British and American special forces reportedly already inside the country? If you cant see the layers of deception going on in this, google may help. Now the US Press is reporting that Iran is to blame.

Please, decide for yourself, read closely between the lines and you can see who is really making this situation deadly for the whole region. Look into TF 373(?)

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