Entitlement Cuts

… wont work unless you cut the “entitlements” for big businesses and their yes men, the too big to fail banks, the homeland defense industry, foreign aid, and the super rich politicians to name a few

They want to cut services to the poor, make it look like giving food and medicine to the poor and old is breaking the country… what a bunch of BS

  • cut the tax loopholes for the super-rich and big businesses, $Trillions lost here
  • stop the outsourcing of US goods and labor, $Trillions lost here
  • give tax breaks for small businesses here in USA
  • stop giving money to other countries, $Billions wasted
  • increase tariffs on imports, $Billions lost here
  • have the Pentagon account for the +$2 Trillion lost pre 9/11, and account for ALL expenditures (US Military spends more $ than the rest of the worlds militaries COMBINED!)
  • stop Unconstitutional proxy wars, drug wars, and the Global War on Terror (i.e. terrorism is a tactic, how do you fight a tactic?), $Trillions lost here
  • stop bailing out the financial sector, $Trillions lost here
  • stop quantitive easing, $Billions
  • stop the Domestic Spy Programs, $Billions lost
  • stop Financial Market Fraud (LIBOR rigging, Fed Reserve embezzlement, Lehman, Goldman Sachs, etc )


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