The Battle Of Athens

Unlawful use of force met with FORCE. DHS is prepped for civil war, are you?
The revolution will not be televised, c 1970 Gill Scott-Heron

Battle of Athens Highway Marker – McMinn County, Tennessee – 1946

The Battle of Athens was an armed revolt that gained national attention.  Attempting to end the control of an entrenched political machine, World War II veterans used force to ensure that on the day of local elections in 1946 every vote “was counted as cast.”  After local authorities locked themselves and the ballot boxes in the jail, veterans suspicious of foul play gathered weapons and ammunition and exchanged fire from this hill upon the jail, which once stood across the street.  The besieged authorities surrendered.  At a meeting in the courthouse, an interim government was set up, followed by the election of the veteran’s slate.

Why is the Federal Government making apocalyptic preparations? Is it because they see a repeat of the 1946 McMinn County War on a national scale?  Or, are the Orwellian measures a result of a much larger master plan, for reasons that are so secretive, corrupt or cataclysmic –  that a new American paradigm is being injected into the bloodstream of America’s citizens?

Whatever the reasons for the transfusion of unconstitutional Federal Government interventions, executive orders, restrictive laws and police militarization, the actions do not bode well for American citizens, Constitutional rights, or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Something is afoot on American soil and the real terrorists have become a parasitic disease feeding on an eroding tradition of American good will and a nation founded on Christian values, however virtuous and flawed.  The situation in the United States today is growing more unhealthy by the minute.

What are Americans to do?  If times were like 1946, American citizens would take matters into their own hands.  For it was in 1946, that a group of citizens, including a contingent of World War II veterans, revolted against local government corruption in McMinn County, Tennessee.  The local authorities of an entrenched political machine had taken ballot boxes to the jailhouse to count votes in secret and maintain a corrupt regime.  Citizen’s prior pleas for outside help, over years, were ignored.  Thus, an assault on the jail by area citizens was led by a group of veterans, who had just returned from World War II and the jail became a battleground for the besieged authorities.  After a shootout and a few sticks of dynamite that damaged the front of the jail, the panicked authorities surrendered.  Individual citizens restored the rule of law and ousted the corrupt.

However, times today are not like 1946.  Modern technology has transformed the American human condition to a much less self-reliant culture and with it the individual ability, community cohesiveness, or will to fight back.  And within the last decade and continuing to the present time, governmental measures are being taken to further erode the rights of America’s legal citizens.  A brief example:

  1. The passage of the Patriot Act.
  2. The passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.
  3. The construction of the largest communication intercepting & spy facility in the history of the world by the NSA, called Stellar Wind, will go live in 2013.  The April Issue of Wired has an exclusive report.
  4. Creation of The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA.  The most recent example is of an unbridled TSA goon harassing a 3 year-old boy in a wheelchair.
  5. Obama’s latest Executive Order titled, National Defense Resources Preparedness, which allows the government to seize control of virtually every aspect of society in both emergency and non-emergency situations.
  6. The militarization of state and local police forces, at taxpayer’s expense.
  7. The worldwide use of drones and more particularly in the United States.

When did the majority of Americans accept the idea that it is okay to perform a search, any search, on a 3 year-old boy in a wheelchair? Or for that matter, strip searching 95-year-old women.  A society can be judged by the way it treats its children and elderly and if the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA is any indication, the nation is headed completely in the wrong direction.  The fact is that under the Constitution of the United States of America, no authority has that right.  The 4th Amendment to the Constitution protects unreasonable searches and seizures, without probable cause.  The only individuals responsible for that 3 year-old are his parents.  And since when did America need a paper trail of orders, laws and rules to usurp the Constitution and rule of law.  In the name of what, have the Orwellian measures been enacted?  Independence?  Liberty?  Freedom?

 If the answer is terrorism, then that is as corrupt as the Republican and Democratic administrations and their parties that have enabled such powers, for the hypnotic juice in the blood transfusion Americans are being fed is fear, coupled with fear based totalitarian rule, pure and simple.  If history has taught humanity anything, it must be that tyranny’s anecdote is eventually found in blood.

The facts facing America point to an unrelenting assault on the freedoms of Americans, with unconstitutional and unreasonable force.  Some are blatantly obvious, while some are like a thief in the night, that come calling out of the darkness.

One example is found hidden in computer software programming.  How many people, other than the highly trained computer literate, can write software programming?  Better still, how many people ever question what the computer says?  And even more personal, how many times have you been told, that whenever a commercial mistake is made, which affects you, is blamed on a computer glitch, not a human being.  Yet, it is human beings that program and operate computers. Evidence, as shown in the video below, shows that a software program can flip votes, vis-a-vis voter fraud.  Has 1946 ever stopped,  in America?

 Another example of how shadows can gain forceful substance, is the upcoming publication of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in 2013.  So, who would take notice of that other than the medical and health professionals directly involved?  After all, it is not your everyday publication.  Well, there is one particularly nasty change in that manual that can have profound implications.  It is the proposed medicalization of normal grief into a mental disorder.  That’s correct, grief medicalized as a mental disorder.  Just words, right?  Not according to Joanne Cacciatore who wrote in her blog, “The change that most concerns me has to do with the “bereavement exclusion (BE).  In the current manual, the DSM IV, this exclusion means that a person who has suffered the death of a loved one may be diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) no less than two months following the loss.  Prior iterations, the DSM III, stated one year.  The new DSM 5, with a planned release date in early 2013, however, has again reduced that prescribed time frame from two months to two weeks, further pathologizing the authentic human experience of sorrow.  So, a person may, at the discretion of a psychiatrist, social worker, or psychologist, be categorized as ‘mentally ill’ as soon as two weeks following the death of a loved one.  While I don’t like or agree with either ‘time limit’, the arbitrary absurdity of ’14 days post-loss-then-becomes-depression-label’ has ignited a fire in the pits of my being against the DSM machine.”

And, you may well ask what does this manual on mental disorders have to do with anything written here?

Name one person in your life that hasn’t experienced grief longer than two weeks, or even two months.  Combined with all of the powers of unreasonable force the Federal Government has already procured, by either unconstitutional legislation and/or Executive Order, there now comes a proposed medical manual that legally legitimizes categorizing nearly every human being on the planet of being mentally ill, if they are diagnosed as having grief lasting longer than two weeks.  Now do you see the implications?  FEMA camps anyone?  And by the way, the American Psychiatric Association’s new public relations spokesperson previously worked at the Department of Defense.

Nazi genocidal policy killed about 11 million people.  Some of those were termed “mentally ill” and their fate was the gas chamber.  If it can happen in Germany, on planet earth, it can happen anywhere.  What exactly is the United States government preparing for?

There is a war on for your mind, by one means or another.  And the battle for ballot boxes in a little jailhouse in Tennessee, where veterans took on the fight, seems so long ago.

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