Media Code Words

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More Code Words

Just some of the code words that are devised in the back rooms and inner sanctums of power. These words are repeated over and over in order to dumb us down and create conditioned responses.

While we know in our subconscious the true meaning of most of these words, repetition ad nauseam of their changed definition causes the new definition to be adopted by the masses and then accepted as conventional wisdom. The words and phrases are then used to drive the debate and create ready acceptance of laws and policies that reduce liberty. Once they are adopted, challenges to these newly accepted definitions are ridiculed and dismissed.

Democracy: This is the most used and overused word in the world. It was born in America, and every politician and bureaucrat uses the word democracy. This word implies human liberty in the public mind. The truth is the word “democracy” is used as a cover or disguise for all manner of chicanery of governments and politicians. Some of the most brilliant people use the word “democracy” over and over. Little do they realize how this control word misleads. People who use the word “democracy” in its various perverted forms are closet socialists. Some politicians are aware of the deceptive use of the word “democracy,” but not all. Most people just mimic the word because they hear it so much.

Terrorist: This word was mostly hatched by President George W. Bush. It is/was a code word to begin the final demolition of the rule of law in the United States. This code word has come to identify any and all who disagree with the systemic destruction of law and order. They are dubbed dissidents and are subject to arrest and prosecution on frivolous charges or no charges. Bush never knew what he was saying when he spouted the word “terrorist” (which he couldn’t pronounce). He never knew that the word “terrorist” was a control word created to start a final war on the Americans and personal liberty.

“See your doctor” or “tell your doctor”: These are control phrases originating in the secret towers of the pharmaceuticals. They are dependency phrases repeated millions of times a day. They are designed to keep the public from even questioning doctors who are brainwashed in medical schools controlled by the pharmaceuticals. The control phrases were created to build a prescription drug culture in America. Has the plan succeeded? Yes, to the tune of trillions of dollars of profits upon a hapless drug-dependent society. Doctors are unwittingly pharmaceutical’s lackeys, pushing drugs on an ignorant people. The drug culture has actually caused the public to believe that drugs heal in the place of whole food and nutrition. In time, the medical establishment will bankrupt and destroy the United States. Dr. Benjamin Rush, in the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, warned of this very day of medical mafia.

Pay Your Fair Share: This is a control phrase created to condition the public mind to a perverted “fairness” that uses an altruistic public to feel obligated morally to pay taxes. It tells the conscious mind to “do the right thing.” This phrase helps extract tax money without allowance for logic or legality.

Taxpayer: The elite created the term “taxpayer” to force us all to think of ourselves as “taxpayers.” If we think of ourselves as taxpayers, we become willing taxpayers or income-tax payers. Most Americans believe that the U.S. government is financed by income taxes.

Income taxes have absolutely nothing to do with sending money to Washington as taxes. In fact, income taxes began only as recently as World War II for most Americans.

The Federal Income Tax has a dual purpose; neither is for income to run the government. The first purpose is to control consumption and redistribute welfare to the masses of low-income or no-income Americans. The second reason is the creation of a system of dossiers on every citizen: a spy system, no less.

I will quote from a speech by Beardsley Ruml, chairman of the New York Federal Reserve from 1941 to 1946, to dispel the widely believed myth that your income taxes are needed for government income. I repeat that your income taxes have nothing to do with providing income to the Federal government.

In a famous paper titled “Taxes for Revenue Obsolete,” which was read before the American Bar Association during the last year of World War II, Ruml said, “The necessity for a government to tax in order to maintain both its independence and its solvency is true for the states and local governments, but it is not true for a national government.” [Emphasis mine]

The speech was originally printed in American Affairs in the January 1946 issue. The editor of American Affairs wrote: “His (Ruml’s) thesis is that given (1) control of a central banking system and (2) an inconvertible currency, a sovereign national government is finally free of money worries and need no longer levy taxes for the purpose of providing itself with revenue. All taxation, therefore, should be regarded from the point of view of social and economic consequences.”

The entire speech can be read here. It is very valuable information to reveal the fraud of income taxes as Americans understand it.

Well, what about money to run the government? Ruml was referring to the fiat monetary system with which the Federal government could print its money with no need for income taxes.

Can we imagine the economic prosperity in America if the fraudulent income tax system were done away with? But I don’t think that it will happen because hundreds of thousands of lawyers and accountants would have to find productive work. They love the income tax system! It will have to collapse! Then the Internal Revenue Service would be destroyed with its army of highly paid parasites.

Collecting income taxes, like the medical system, is a fraud on the backs of Americans.

The second plank of the Communist Manifesto calls for a “heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”

Conspiracy theory: Any challenge to conventional wisdom. The elites prefer that their messages, as broadcast by their mainstream media mouthpieces, be blindly accepted without question. Asking questions — even those pointing out the obvious fallacies in the message — is labeled “conspiracy.” In fact, the conspiracy lies in those in the MSM who parrot the message without thought and investigation.

Legitimate news source: A control phrase used to bolster the concept that the only “real” news comes from the mainstream media, the propaganda mouthpiece of the 1 percent. Six megacorporations now control 90 percent of what we see and hear on a daily basis. The only true and legitimate news sources are now found on the Internet.

For the children: Used as a substitute for what it really means; bad policy or really bad policy. Tyrants and dictators have long cloaked themselves with the faces of children. Higher-form creatures take every effort to protect their young, and humans are no exception. So any policy, no matter how feckless, is accepted if it can be sold as a protector of the children. “For the children” rivals “to keep us safe” as the most dangerous of phrases that result in loss of freedom.

Sequestration: President Barack Obama’s plan to avoid responsibility for proposed insignificant cuts to the growth of leviathan government and create another wedge issue in his ongoing class warfare battle. The elected class will do nothing to cut government. Doing so reduces their power and gives them less “playing room” when it comes time to “spread the wealth around” to their cronies and corporate masters. The proposed $1.2 trillion in cuts over 10 years are not cuts as real people understand them, but a reduction in the baseline increases that occur automatically in government. They are completely insignificant, though the 1 percent will use them to create fear of impending doom and gloom.

Revenues: A replacement word for taxes that still means confiscation of wealth from producers to the 1 percent for redistribution to the dependent class and corporatist interests.

Investments: A control word now used in place of “spending.” It is money transferred to favored pass-through industries that get special incentives and funnel the money back to the war chests of politicians.

Quantitative easing: The world’s greatest check kiting scheme, which dwarfs anything Charles Ponzi or Bernie Madoff could have imagined. It is simply currency debasement and destruction and an involuntary transfer of wealth from you, the taxpayers, to a narrow financial elite. It is by far the largest looting in the history of the world.

Stimulus: Abstractions and illusions designed to make people think that wealth can be created by printing money and transferring it to the corrupt banking system and other industries and labor unions favored by the 1 percent. It has resulted in an unsustainable stock market bubble that is giving a false sense of recovery when, in fact, the U.S. economy is in dire shape. Freight shipments are at their lowest levels in two years, gasoline prices have risen every day for more than a month and are up more than 50 cents in two months, retailers are projecting the closure of hundreds of stores this year, Wal-Mart sales for the year are a “total disaster,” gross domestic product contracted at an annual rate of .1 percent during the fourth quarter of 2012, the economies of the richest countries contracted in the last quarter and corporate insiders are dumping stocks.

Extremist: Anyone who advocates for a smaller, less intrusive government, opposes all policies that are unConstitutional and rejects compromise on Constitutional principles.

Minimum wage: Another wedge issue designed to incite the dependent class against the producers. In his State of the Union address, Obama proposed raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9, a 24 percent increase. He did so with the implication that it was not a “living wage” and that there are people trying to raise a family on minimum wage. This is a false notion. Minimum-wage jobs are held by young people (mostly), some seniors (who work to stay busy and/or overcome the effects of inflation and artificially low interest rates on their pensions and savings) and people working a second job. In fact, raising the minimum wage would harm each of those segments, as the businesses would eliminate many of those jobs rather than absorb or pass along the wage increases. Increasing the minimum wage would also lead to higher prices on goods and services, thereby eliminating any benefits that might accrue from the additional wages paid to a smaller number of employees. A higher minimum wage coupled with Obamacare mandates in a sagging economy with no jobs for young workers — who currently have an unemployment rate of 23.4 percent (according to phony government data) — is a job killer that will drive even more people to government dependency.

Inflation: Inflation is not rising prices. It is an increase in the money supply that devalues the dollars in circulation. As Alan Greenspan said in 1966 (before he sold his soul to the banksters), inflation is a “scheme for the hidden confiscation of wealth.” This is something that probably not one in a million people understands, yet it is an issue that is of utmost importance. Henry Hazlitt wrote in What You Should Know About Inflation: “As the money supply is increased, people have more money to offer for goods. But if the supply of goods doesn’t increase — or increases at a slower pace than the money supply — the prices of goods goes up. Each individual dollar becomes less valuable because there are more dollars available. This leads to more of them being offered for a commodity. A ‘price’ is an exchange ratio between a dollar and a unit of goods. When people have more dollars, they value them less. Goods then rise in price, not because there are fewer goods than before, but rather because there are more dollars available.”

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