Common pollutants and their effect on human behavior

Studies are showing how environmental pollution is linked to transgender issues, allergies, low testosterone, and overall hormone imbalance. There are approximately 6,000 endocrine disorders that result because of hormone imbalance

Pesticides and pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, and other drugs — are in our drinking water supplies, according to a media report.

In an investigation by the Associated Press, drinking water supplies in 24 major metropolitan areas were found to include drugs.

According to the investigation, the drugs get into the drinking water supply through several routes: some people flush unneeded medication down toilets; other medicine gets into the water supply after people take medication, absorb some, and pass the rest out in urine or feces. Some pharmaceuticals remain even after waste water treatments and cleansing by water treatment plants, the investigation showed.

These pollutants effect our endocrine system and have many health effects. Hormones regulate many functions of health and behavior and this system is easily damaged with chemicals in our food, water supply, and air. One peer reviewed study, and this is no joke, “Pesticides: multiple mechanisms of demasculinization” done by Department of Toxicology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC states that “Many pesticides are known to produce reproductive and developmental effects in chronically-exposed non-target organisms, including humans. Recent evidence suggests that demasculinization may be an important mechanism responsible for some of these effects… Given the ubiquity of pesticides in the environment and the multiple mechanisms whereby they can elicit demasculinizing effects, synergy between such compounds may produce clinical endocrine dysfunction at current human exposure levels.”

Funny how pollution can play havoc on body chemistry and lead to popular illness which influences our sexuality, behavior, and in many ways overall cognition and health.

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