Leaks, yeah right… “NOTHING OCCURS by ACCIDENT”

“Catch Me if You Can”:Obama’s Successful Trifecta Strategy

[1] Productive Chinese-American Summit
[2] Edward Snowden,  ex-CIAex-Booz-Allen “Whistleblower”
[3] AP, IRS Targeting and Benghazi AffairDisappear from News.

I have repeatedly stated that in the “Games of State” or to put it more crassly,  in the world of “manipulation, deception and distortion”,   the real province of the Nation State Intelligence—“NOTHING  OCCURS by ACCIDENT”!!!

When three different major news evidence occur at the same time,  the likelihood of their being connected somehow by some means is QUITE HIGH.
Let me go into specifics:
  First,  on June 9, 2013,  POTUS and President Xi Jinping met at the Annenberg Estate in Southern California in what I inferred to be quite a successful meeting concerning Chinese and American national security/economic interests.    But apparently the one area that they could ‘not agree upon’ was ‘cyber war’.   Hmmm.  Interesting point to remember.
Sidebar: For an insightful discourse on Chinese behavior and negotiation strategies,  please read Dr. Richard Solomon’s   ground-breaking book, entitled, Chinese Negotiation Behavior  published by the United Institute of Peace and RAND Corp.
Secondly,  within about 24 hours of the conference,  Edward Joseph Snowden,  a 29 year old,  North Carolina high school drop- out,  who signed up in 2003 for the Army Special Forces training, and was hired at the BELTWAY BANDIT BOOZ ALLEN as a software systems engineer ‘leaks low level classified data’ concerning ‘USG Massive Surveillance Program’ and , most importantly for me,  Snowden requests a “CALL FOR PUBLIC DEBATE”.
Now,  this scenario is a bit far-fetched and let me tell you why.
Apparently,  Snowden leaked his ‘secrets’,  ‘selectively chosen not to harm our national security’ and gave them to the British newspaper The Guardian and the American newspaper, The Washington Post.
Next Snowden gave a very professionally staged video interview that was streamed all over the internet in which he declared his honorable intentions that he felt a moral obligation to inform the world that ‘China was not our enemy’ [most people missed that point] and more importantly that he supported the very policies that Senator Obama supported but POTUS OBAMA had reneged on.
Snowden was repeating what Obama the Senator had stated early on his tenure as POTUS,  “Let’s review our massive surveillance program and have a PUBLIC DISCOURSE”.
On the surface that seems very honorable and I personally have no problem with that very point.
  My problem stems from the following incongruities in Mr Snowden’s personal history and his sudden defection to China, albeit Hong Kong.
What do I mean? 
  Reportedly  Mr Snowden never graduated high school.   That’s interesting.   However,  not a very compelling background for his subsequent history…  He claims he joined the Special Forces and more significantly being CIA to work on information technology security serving first in Geneva.    Then in 2009,  Snowden joined the N.S.A as a ‘contractor’ in Japan,  where he watched “as Obama advanced the very policies that I thought would be reined in.”
What’s troubling me? And why can’t I stop harping on this story line?
The narrative presented by Snowden to the Guardian does not add up.   Snowden well knows that as an ex CIA and ex-NSA employee,  he ‘blew the whistle’ to the two newspapers that are completely in COLLUSION with both the USG and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE.
  No secret there.

Just remember that movie “Three Days of The Condor” when Robert Redford brings CIA secrets to the NY Times?   And then he is asked “how do you know we, the CIA, don’t control the media?”

  So much for disingenuous intentions and methods.
  Then, Snowden has a history of ‘moral obligations’ that seem to terminate his careers no matter where he is located.
  For example,  Snowden joined the Army,  Special Forces, in 2003, because he wanted to fight in Iraq.
Interesting.   But here comes the familiar Snowden punch-line:
  “I felt like I had an obligation as a human being to help free people from oppression,” n he said to the British Intelligence-run The Guardian.
But then he added—watch his pattern of becoming “disillusioned”— “he became disillusioned with the military.”
  “Most of the people in training us seemed pumped up about killing Arabs,  not helping anyone.”
  WOW !!That’s quite a revelation.
  Now, in my experience, this type of attitude concerning SOF really blackballs you for the rest of your career,  be it civilian or military.
  But not in Snowden’s case.
  Here is what happens next:
  He goes on to become a SECURITY GUARD at the N.S.A SECRET FACILITY on the University of Maryland Campus.
  That is  really stretching the credibility of the narrative.
  I happen to know about that facility and even with my previous TOP SECRET and other esoteric clearances,   I could not go to the bathroom without an escort- let alone hire a high school drop out who failed the Special Forces Training Program and disliked the Army.
Give me a break!
Did anyone who created this narrative remember that anyone but anyone who had anything to do with the N.S. A had to pass Polygraph and High Education Standards and Civilian/Military evaluations?
You are getting the idea that I do not buy Snowden’s NOBLE effort to reveal State Secrets.
  This is a classical scenario where the WH, CIA, and other USG intel groups decided to open up a much needed discussion in a way that allowed Obama to save face from the fact that he had reneged on his former promises of transparency and restricted  intelligence surveillance.
And Snowden’s TIMELY REVELATIONS AND DEFECTION TO CHINA where he declared [absurdly, I might add],  “that Hong Kong is a place for FREE SPEECH AND IS NOT CONTROLLED BY THE PRC.”
  Oh, and conveniently adds, as a sidebar, ‘that CHINA is not the USG enemy’—only 24hours after a major US –China Summit.
All very propitious. But not credible.
For me in the business of Counter Intelligence,  I would say that Snowden played his part well.   He was convincing,  credible to the degree that  no one would check the inconsistencies of this back ground and most importantly he salvaged Obama’s Presidency for the next few years.
  What Snowden points out is legitimate.   How it was orchestrated was devious but clever.
  The WH and others made sure that Snowden worked at an outsourcing contractor—BOOZ ALLEN—a company I know very well.
That company should be completely expunged.
Booz Allen is nothing more that an expensive CUT-OUT FOR EX-CIA,  MILITARY AND GOVT OFFICIALS who can’t find work anywhere else.
  To get an idea how worthless and expensive BOOZ ALLEN has become to the American taxpayer,   please read  NY Times Article,  June 10, entitled “Leaker’s Employer Became Wealthy By Maintaining Government Secrets” written by Binyamin Appelbaum and Eric Lipton.
Basically what Snowden and his cohorts ‘exposed’ intentionally  but probably ‘unintentionally’ is the following RAPE OF THE AMERICA PUBLIC MONEY:
[1] Over the last decade most of the BOOZ ALLEN growth has come from selling ‘expertise, technology, and manpower’ to the N.S.A.—1.3 BILLION DOLLARS.  23 % of the company’s revenue.
[2] James Clapper, DNI, former Booz Allen AssociateJohn M. McConnell, Former Director of National Intelligence also Booz Allen executive.
 Folks,  you see how we are getting ripped off.   The CIA, MI and other rejects and ‘antiquated failures’ received their six figure govt pensions,  then went on to receive seven figure salaries and then go back into the ‘revolving door’ of ‘crony capitalism’ and ‘political corruption’
[3]The CARLYLE GROUP (private equity group),  composed of ex- government officials many whom I have known use their influence and contacts to ‘buy out USG contract agencies’ and make them public.     A useless banking organization like Carlyle that adds no value to society buys out a another useless consulting company which derives most of it’s income from the INCOMPETENT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,  charging you,  the taxpayer for services that you had already presumably paid for in having the govt agency.   For example,  sixty to eighty per cent of the intelligence community is OUTSOURCED TO BOOZ,  LOCKHEED MARTIN AND COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION who are populated by ex govt officials already receiving USG pensions.

So we, the US taxpayers, are paying of the ineffectual govt agency,  then their outsourcing and their going public.

  Boy are we the suckers in this game.  Rip off of the millennium for taxpaying citizens!
  Forget about being monitored by Apple,  Google and FaceBook.   We have just been SCAMMED BY THE LARGEST MAFIA OF ALL:  THE USG , MILITARY /INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and now we are INSOLVENT.
  Get the point!!!
Snowden is a set-up character who made the stupid mistake of not really allowing his narrative to make any sense –other than being a PAWN in the GAMES OF STATE.
 Let us remember the words of President John F. Kennedy:
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution INEVITABLE”.
“The time to repair the roof [i.e America] is when the sun is shining.”


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