Barbara Starr

CNN Pentagon Corespondent and ‘Crisis Actor’?!!

WHO IS THIS LADY? Barbara Starr, related Kenneth Starr and more importantly to Cornelius Van der Starr also known as Neil Starr or C.V. Starr (October 15, 1892 ā€“ December 20, 1968). An American businessman and operative of the Office of Strategic Services (a predecessor of the modern CIA), also who founded American International Group (AIG; a big player in 2008 finance crisis and the 2001 9-11 terror attacks on the WTC), a major corporation in the 21st century. This relates to Operation Mockingbird; a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media in effect manage public perceptions, and in turn ‘manufacture consent’.

I think someone found Operation Mockingbird in the flesh!!!

She’s part of the Sandy Hook event, the Boston Bombing event…. what else?



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3 responses to “Barbara Starr

  1. Mark

    She is a traitor to the Nation. I am writing to my Congressmen and Senators about her, CNN and Pentagon fraud and deceit upon the American People.

  2. can u say dallas goldbug ? oh, lordy

  3. Keith Kintner

    She was at: Sandy Hook, Boston, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Oregon, perhaps a few more. If she appears on CNN, it’s a sure bet the event is a pre-planned psy-ops hoax and/or false flag.


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