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Humankind faces huge solar storms

Reuters / Nasa

Reuters / Nasa

via RT

Get ready for some solar action as Earth heads into a period of increased solar activity with a peak in flares predicted for 2013. Scientists say the number of solar storms will be the highest for a decade.

The Sun is on the ascendant phase of its 11-year cycle, with the peak due in February 2013.

“Now the sun has entered a new phase of its active state. The peak of this phase will occur in 2012 and in the following years. And today explosions and solar flares are occuring more often,” Yury Zaitsev, analyst at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Space Research, told Interfax news agency.

This solar maximum, will be less powerful than the previous one in 2000 and one of the weakest since 1928, the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center predicted.

“In 2000 there were far more geomagnetic storms than expected in this and coming years.  And not only in quantity but also in power,” said Sergey Gaydash, the head of Russia’s Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation.

Though weak, it can still pose threats to communication lines, with predictions that a strong solar storm could cause between $1 and 2 trillion in damages.

The increased solar activity and following higher Geomagnetic Activity (GMA) could possibly have a significant influence on those suffering from heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

The idea that the magnetic storms have an influence on health has been confirmed by the statistical and clinical studies, said Zaitsev.

It will also way cause major fluctuations in the Sun’s magnetic field, and an increase in the number of sunspots, coronal mass ejections, and solar flares, which often happen shortly after the peak.

Experts suggest taking simple preventive measures during big flares – satellites should be put offline, power grids and communication networks be shielded against electromagnetic radiation.

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UN Plans to Expand Its Environmental Agency: Agenda 21 and the end of America as we know it

Government = International = Conspiracy = Treason

this is the straw that could break the camel’s back

The United Nations will be pushing for an expansion of its already powerful global environmental agency at this year’s Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, June 20-22. The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) will be renamed the UN Environmental Organization (UNEO) and promoted to the level of a “specialized agency,” giving it more authority and allowing it to receive more funding.

The ultimate purpose of the organization’s restructuring is to support the Sustainable Development division of the UN, the same division that has imposed the radical and highly controversial Agenda 21 policies on nations across the globe.

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Cancer Risk Assessment Needed? Sampling the Pacific for Signs of Fukushima : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Keep in mind that radiation is the cause of free radicals that damage genetic materials and cells, cancer kill more people than all war. According to the WHOIn the year 2000, malignant tumours were responsible for 12 per cent of the nearly 56 million deaths worldwide from all causes. In many countries, more than a quarter of deaths are attributable to cancer.

via Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Sampling the Pacific for Signs of Fukushima : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Sampling the Pacific for Signs of Fukushima


Media Relations Office

April 2, 2012

(508) 289-3340

An international research team is reporting the results of a research cruise they organized to study the amount, spread, and impacts of radiation released into the ocean from the tsunami-crippled reactors in Fukushima, Japan. The group of 17 researchers and technicians from eight institutions spent 15 days at sea in June 2011 studying ocean currents, and sampling water and marine organisms up to the edge of the exclusion zone around the reactors.

“What this means for the marine environment of the Northwest Pacific over the long term is something that we need to keep our eyes on,” said Buesseler.




The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, established in 2000, seeks to advance environmental conservation and scientific research around the world and improve the quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foundation’s Science Program aims to make a significant impact on the development of provocative, transformative scientific research, and increase knowledge in emerging fields. For more information, please

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a private, non-profit organization on Cape Cod, Mass., dedicated to marine research, engineering, and higher education. Established in 1930 on a recommendation from the National Academy of Sciences, its primary mission is to understand the oceans and their interaction with the Earth as a whole, and to communicate a basic understanding of the oceans’ role in the changing global environment. For more information, please visit

Originally published: April 2, 2012 ON

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Amazing stuff they find, radioactive rain anyone?

Precipitation RadNet Laboratory Analysis

EPA’s nationwide radiation monitoring system, RadNet, consists of two components. First, stationary and deployable air monitors measure radiation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The map provides monitoring results as graphs that are updated several times daily. You can also search the RadNet database in EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) to find monitoring data. Second, EPA samples precipitation, drinking water, and milk on a routine schedule and tests them for radiation in a laboratory. The latest RadNet sampling results are available in Envirofacts.

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The MyEnvironment search application is designed to provide a cross-section of environmental information based on the user’s location. via

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Seismic Monitor

IRIS Realtime Seismic Monitor


Seismic Monitor allows you to monitor global earthquakes in near real-time, visit seismic stations around the world, and search the web for earthquake or region-related information. You can also view seismograms and make dataset requests via its WILBER interface.

The date and time of the map (in Universal Time) are located in the lower right hand corner.

Earthquakes are shown as colored circles, where the size of the circle tells you the magnitude of the quake, using the legend at the top left of the map. Only earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater are displayed. (Locations and magnitudes are provided to IRIS by the USGS. Earthquakes greater than magnitude 4.0 may be missing from the USGS catalog in some parts of the wor ld because local networks have not yet reported them to the USGS. In such cases please check with your local or national network.)
Circle Color
Age of Earthquake
the last 24 hours    <– animates briefly when page is loaded
from 24 to 48 hours
from 3 days to 2 weeks
from 2 weeks up to 5 years
The distribution of earthquakes over the past 5 years is represented by the purple dots and demonstrates how earthquakes define the boundaries of tectonic plates, as well as the relationship between topography and earthquakes.
The Earth’s shadow shows the line between day and night as well as the progression of the seasons.

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Date Pattern Calculator

Have you ever come across today’s date and realize that you can read it forward and backward or that it only consists of one repeating number?

The Date Pattern Calculator can help you discover all of the unique patterns that different calendar dates can form such as palindrome (reversible) dates and repeating number dates.

Check it out!

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